Liberal Students (LS) is the network for liberal minds interested in Swedish politics who want a community in which to work and develop. We influence politicians, opinion makers, other students, and society daily.


At the national level, Liberal Students are led by a national board elected every year at our
annual meeting. Liberal Students activities are wide-ranging and take place on a national
level through the national board, as well as locally through our clubs. Within Liberal
Students, much of the work is focused on informing and affecting public opinion, but also on
social activities and opportunities for liberal-minded students to meet, network, and debate.
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Liberalism is freedom. The freedom to design your own life and choose your own path. We
believe that a sustainable and equal society is created by free and independent individuals
who are allowed to take responsibility for their lives and realize their dreams. As populism
and racism increase in society, your freedom is threatened. Therefore, it is more important
than ever to continue to fight for liberal values.


Sexual harassment, reprisals and intolerance to LGBTQ people are not challenges – these
are acute societal problems that require vigorous efforts and top political priorities. Neither
culture nor religion should ever be an excuse to restrict a person’s freedom.

Liberal Students suggest:


  1. Compulsory education on honour-related violence and oppression for occupational
    groups in healthcare and justice.
  2.  Establish Lex Fadime – A enactment that causes honour motives to be considered an
    aggravating circumstance in crime.
  3. Strong action against sexual harassment and abuse.



A person suffering from mental illness is not free. It is a barrier to fulfilling your dreams and
living life to the fullest. There are many factors that affect students’ mental health – the
housing shortage, the impact of social media, or anxieties about the future labour market.
We want the work to prevent the problems that permeate the entire study period, from the
first day until graduation.

Liberal Students suggest:


  1. The queues for care and treatment must be reduced considerably.
  2. Expand the places on the psychologist and medical programmes.
  3. The collaboration between student health and the county council must be improved.


A liberal foreign policy is based on cooperation, globalization, and free trade. Sweden should
be a strong international voice that stands up for human rights. We also want to see that
Sweden continues to be a knowledge nation that attracts the best students and researchers
to Sweden.

Liberal Students suggest:


  1. Sweden should deepen EU cooperation and introduce the Euro as currency.
    – YES to NATO membership
  2. Foreign students must be able to apply for a residence permit for the entire study period, not just for a semester.


Students cannot wait for housing. The freedom to unlock the door to your first own
apartment must apply to everyone, including students.
Liberal Students suggest:


Make student housing a separate form of housing in the legislation. The student
residence is meant to be temporary, and it is unreasonable to apply the same
regulations for e.g., equipment, noise levels, and size as for regular housing.


Liberal Students suggest:

  1. Enable room contracts. Today it is only possible to sign contracts for single rooms
    and multi-room apartments, resulting in a lot of non-students living in student
    housing. The student who rents a larger apartment often rents out other rooms on the
    second-hand market at high prices. We want to make it possible to rent individual
    rooms in apartments to ensure that student apartments are rented out to students.
  2. Restrict appeal options. Long appeal processes help to prevent student apartments being built. To shorten the processing times, the county administrative board should be completely removed as far as the appeals are concerned, i.e., also for the building permits that follow from a detailed development plan.