About us

Liberal Students (LS) is the network for liberal minds interested in Swedish politics who want a community to develop and act within. We influence politicians, opinion makers, other students, and society daily through multiple avenues.

On the national level, Liberal Students are led by a national board that is elected every year at our annual meeting. Liberal Students’ activities are wide-ranging and take place on the national level through the national board and on the local level through our different clubs. You can find a club close to you here.

Much of Liberal Students’ work is focused on affecting public opinion but also on social activities and opportunities to meet like minded students to network, debate and connect.

Join Liberal Students here! We give you the platform to discuss and connect to other liberal students!

Our politics

Freedom. Booze. Reduced tax.

Liberalism is freedom. Freedom to design your own life and choose your own path. We believe in a sustainable and equal society created by free and independent individuals who are allowed to take responsibility for their lives and achieve their dreams. As populism and racism increase, your freedom is threatened. That is why it is more important than ever to continue the fight for liberal values.


Your freedom begins in the classroom. It is where dreams and opportunities to create a free and empowered life begins. What we see today however is a school system that often achieves the opposite. Your ability to finish school and receive an academic degree has become a game of luck. We want to change that!

Regardless of who you are – or where you live – your education should give you the skills necessary to stand on your own two feet and contribute with the competence that society, businesses and the climate needs.

Liberal Students want:

  • The state to take over responsibility for the educational system
  • Abolish the queuing system to independent schools
  • Protect the academic freedom in the constitution

The Swedish retail monopoly on alcoholic beverages is an outdated remnant from a time when politicians took the liberty to decide when, where and how adults consume their alcohol. Liberal Students think that you, not the state, is most suited for making decisions about your life and your decisions.

Sweden is one of few countries where adults are not allowed to buy alcohol when or where they want to. It is time to sink the monopoly!

Liberal Students want:

  • To abolish the alcohol monopoly
  • Reduce the taxes on alcohol
  • Lower the age limit to purchase alcohol from the current 20 years to 18 years
Reduced tax

Being able to make decisions about the majority of your own money should be a given, but that is not the case in Sweden. Instead, we have the second highest marginal tax rate in the OECD.

Individuals should be able to decide for themselves how they use their money to a greater extent and the state should get less influence over adults. It should also be easier to see exactly how much money that is being taxed.

Liberal Students want:

  • To introduce a flat income tax
  • Remove unnecessary excise duties
  • To abolish the general payroll tax and declare the employment fee on the salary statement